Make your own website! ft. Zola

Everyone needs to make a website!

Atri Hegde published on
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Make your own website ! ft. Zola

Zola is a static site generator, that uses templates to transform your content into static html pages. This means that development can be simple and quick, while also being easily modifiable. This site was built using Zola! It is incredibly easy to add posts/projects and extend the site with more sections if needed. In this post, I will go through how to setup a website project using Zola.

Zola also has excellent documentation that you should check out if you choose to use it.

Installing Zola

You can install zola on your system by referring to their installation guide. If you are using Arch Linux, you can simply install the zola package.

sudo pacman -S zola

Creating your project

Choosing theme

One of the best options that comes with zola is to use one of many themes that users have created. You can view the themes on their website. This makes creating our website much more simpler as we do not have to worry about writing CSS for our site (CSS is way of styling a webpage). I have chosen the