Switching from vim to emacs

Switching from neovim to doom emacs

Atri Hegde published on
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I had started using neovim, with a custom config before moving onto a framework for neovim called astronvim. It was a really good framework, but I do not feel like learning lua for the sole reason of extending my vim config. I had always wanted to use emacs, especially org-mode within emacs. I had tried Doom Emacs, a distribution of emacs focused on speed, and reliability which is great, and this is what I'll be using.

I will be completely changing from my old config, which was configured to use the colemak layout which I was using. I have now switched back to the qwerty layout, although I do feel slower and significantly less ergonomic, I only seem to get uncomfortable after long periods of time, such as ~4 hours of typing. I currently using a kanban board in obsidian to manage and organise tasks, but want to switch to org mode. I started watching some DistroTube videos on youtube to help me get started, and will be updating you guys soon on how far I've managed to progress using emacs. Currently can use it instead of vim, in-fact I'm using it right now and love it so far.

People say that emacs can basically be your operating system because of how powerful it is. I look forward to

  • start using ewww while developing websites.
  • learn how to utilize buffers properly.
  • figure out markdown live preview.
  • configure custom keybinds and commands.