An update as to whats going on with me

Atri Hegde published on
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After trying to build my own website, i was hit with constant undecisiveness and change in preferances. I soon also became busy with some freelance work and university.

I hope to utilize my break in December to properly finish updating my website and replace this old one. I am also trying to phase out uses of my custom email, since I have had enough fun, and don't think hosting my own email server (using a VPS) is worth it. I will be posting a lot more once my website is updated, and also keep a eye out for a some youtube tutorials.

Framework of choice

Although I feel like Zola is a great tool. I would like to learn the Astro framework, known for not being javascript dependant. This means that most of what I will write will be HTML, and will result in a lightweight, fast website, whilst having 100% customizability and also it is more "mainstream" friendly and innovative.