Almost a custom distribution based on Arch Linux

Atri Hegde published on
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hegde-arch (Github)

I have had enough hopping between different configs, colour-schemes, window managers and applications. Soon I will be starting university and will not have enough time to do any of the things I used to do, and have time to experiment with different software. I think I have gotten pretty comfortable using some of the software that I am using currently and therefore decided to start a repository for basically having everything I need.

The deadline I have set for this is December 2022. It will be aesthetically pleasing (highly subjective) and have all the features I need to make my life easier. It will by no means be an iso. It will just a git repo that you can clone and use to install arch and my configs.


  • Arch Linux
  • bspwm
  • sxhkd
  • polybar
  • rofi
  • eww (replacing polybar)