Warehouse Management

An application to help with inventory, and order management with analytics and reports

Atri Hegde published on
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Warehouse Management

This project is currently in the planning phase!

Current problems + Analysis

There are no free warehouse management software that is tested for exploits, or can be written in unsafe code. My goal for this project is to build a reliable application that can be used on a daily basis.


My project will include two Stages, getting a desktop app working with a backend database, and then getting a website working that can be used for customers

Stage 1

Cross-platform desktop app that can be used by staff/internal use only.

Stage 2

A website that can be used by customers to order your goods.


I am considering using either Avalonia UI or .NET MAUI frameworks as both provide me with a single codebase for all platforms (mobile + desktop + web). Unfortunately .NET MAUI, the framework I wanted to use does not support Linux.





If you want to use this software in a professional setting, and would like addition of specific features/compatability (example: support for ARM devices with NFC login) get in contact with me through my email: atri@hegdeatri.com.

Pricing for support coming soon.