About me

I am Atri Hegde, a student at the University of Sheffield studying MEng Software Engineering.

I like to mess around with computer systems in my free time, configuring servers or writing applications.


I am good at adapting to different teams, frameworks and languages. I am currently focusing on deepening my understanding of programming languages. I am also familiar with using linux systems.

angular azure dotnet csharp git java mssql postman flutter nodejs typescript

Currently learning:

rust arch linux linux BASH python


  • Free and Open Source Software.
  • Rust and python.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Tiling window managers.
  • Open source, self-hosted software. (nextcloud, pihole, etc)

Work Experience

I have no prior work experiences, but am looking forward to making connections and any participating in any work experiences available. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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