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Atri Hegde published on
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I finally got around to writing a static page website using zola. I can now save snippets of insight on here to refer back later or just have tips and tricks that will be of help to other people. Right now I'm learning the rust 🦀 programming language and working on my arch install and arch config scripts.

One of the mild annoyances that I have with the site is that, when dark mode is selected, and you switch to a different page on the site you will have a flash of the white theme, before the javascript activates dark mode. I don't have a fix for this just yet as I am still learning zola.

Things to update in the site:

  • detect preferred theme from browser.

Some of the things I plan to do over summer:

  • start a hobby youtube channel.
  • learn emacs or vim.
  • optimize my workflow.
  • learn to write pdfs using LaTeX.
  • increase typing speed.
  • potentially add a comments section to posts.