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Guide to managing dotfiles using my script

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My dotfiles script (GitHub)

After starting make multiple configs for multiple use cases, computers/VM's I've decided to make myself a script that allows me to switch between my configs, create a new config, or update a config all without the trouble of managing them manually.

After scripting my arch-install I've gotten a lot more comfortable with bash scripting, although I wouldn't bet on the quality its written in, as there is no error checking or validation.

Clone me: git clone ~/.source/dotfiles


  • First run the script ./ This installs any required fonts and packages.
  • Then you can run the script ./ You can exit the script at any time using Ctrl-C
  • Make sure that you have a ~/.dotfiles directory or else it will fail.

To have this as a command from your shell, add an alias to your .bashrc file. (Example - alias config-dots='/path/to/setup'). If you have cloned the repo using the command above, then you can just use alias config-dots='$HOME/.source/dotfiles/setup'.

Feel free to use my script but in your own configs, but don't forget to credit me ;).

If you get an error make sure it has executible permissions chmod +x <filename>

How it works

  • ~/.source/dotfiles - location of the repository with all your configs.
  • ~/.dots_global - directory will have all your global app configs. You may want to use global configs for bash, mpv, mpd, etc. Since they don't really change much.
  • ~/.dotfiles - directory with specific configs to a rice. You will have configs of bspwm, sxhkd, polybar, etc.

My script essentially manages moving, stowing and updating configs through a menu, removing the hassle of managing dots.


  • The bspwm/sxhkd config relies on rofi config, and also custom scripts.
  • custom scripts relies on pywal, pywalfox and also zathura-pywal.
  • ranger config requires ueberzug.
  • super + d, dictionary needs the didyoumean package intalled, either built from source or installed from the AUR.


If you think you can improve this scripts:

  • Fork it.
  • Create your branch.
  • After your changes, make a pull request stating your changes, and your reasoning for them.

Dotfile credits

Here are the credits to some of the scripts/configs used in the dotfiles themselves.

  • If I have derived any custom scripts from already existing ones, credits mentioned in the file.
  • one of the rofi configs is a modifed + themed version of rofi themes by adi1090x on github.
  • mpv config is from Tsuba's config on github.
  • Firefox config is using firefox-csshacks by MrOtherGuy on github.